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Bamboo Cotton Re-usable Makeup Wipes

Bamboo Cotton Re-usable Makeup Wipes

Still using disposable makeup remover pads or wipes?


Go eco-friendly and make the switch to our reusable organic bamboo cotton wipes!


These reusable cotton rounds can be used to remove makeup, wash your face or apply toner or oil. Made from 100% bamboo cotton. 


Eliminate all the waste from your standard makeup remover pads or wipes with our reusable wipes,


Great for sensitive skin and those trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle They come in a cotton net bag, which helps you to store them easily. 


- Pack of four.

- Comes with a bag. (Easy to store)

- Organic Bamboo Cotton

- Soft on the skin

- Eco-friendly 

- Quick Drying

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