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5 reasons to switch to Fair-Trade Clothing today.

Fair-trade is a global movement to promote trade that is equal, a trade that provides safe working conditions. A trade that does not have any unethical trade practices such as child labour.

1. It’s unique & lasts longer. Fairtrade clothing is made with all the attention & detailing. The clothes are made using high quality natural materials (Organic Cotton) that do last longer than conventional cotton.

2. It empowers women rights and promotes equal rights. Fair-trade ensures that everyone gets an equal pay irrespective of their gender.

3. It supports the local communities. Fair-trade retailers ensure to pay the people who made the clothes fairly, this allows the workers to re-invest in their communities or localities.

4. Safe for the planet and you. Fair-trade does not mean it’s only concerned about the workers, fair-trade also keeps the consumer in mind. Which is why we use 100% organic cotton, that’s comfortable for your skin. The materials used to make the t-shirts also have a lesser negative impact on the planet, which makes it eco-friendly as well.

5. It should make you proud.

We at Bisani, are driven by the a genuine desire to create a positive impact on the environment. Switch to Fairtrade clothing today.

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