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3 simple ways to positively contribute to the environment for the new year.

While we don’t have set statistics, here are three simple suggestions from us on how we can all pollute less this year.

1. Buy a plant.

Whether it's a small or large one, a plant can spice up your home by giving it the pop of color it needs, and it can make the air you breathe cleaner and greener. You might even end up liking gardening!

2. Invest in a water purifier for your house.

Still using plastic bottles or getting water delivered to you in cans? Get with the times! A water purifier is not only more environmentally friendly but economically friendly as well. You can avoid the pollution that the delivery trucks and plastic factories cause, and save money in the long run with the purifier. Two birds with one stone.

3. Spend less time and money on the unnecessary.

Rethink what you want and need! This doesn’t mean sacrificing everything that gives you joy. We’re all a bit materialistic. Taking an overall minimalistic approach to this year can help you reprioritize your goals. Look for quality over quantity. Less shopping means less pollution.

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